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Officialy a civil defence HQ - in reality bunker for Comunist Party Central Commitee and Supreme Council (soviet parlament). Was built in 1965 - 1972 in the forest close to Nemencine.

Just like mushrooms in the forest - ventilation shafts

Behind double airtight door...

... decontamination shower.

The bunker is full of long corridors with some short staircases

In several places there are ventilation fans...

... and filters.

In some rooms chemical reagents are stored.

Comunications center

with almost antique battery.

The heating complex.

Living rooms (the tile floor is no longer present)...

... have very modern back then luminescent lamps.

Now empty food storage.

Behind a narrow tunnel - ...

... - drinking water storage.

A hall for no longer present telco switching center.

Behind a long wide tunnel ...

... - a diesel generator still in great shape

December 2003 - Grippen, Geris, Zaibas