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Reserve HQ of Soviet 7th Airborne (VDV) Division, in woods of Kazlu Ruda, Lithuania

It was made famous by a russian propaganda action movie from 1977, "V zone osobovo vnimania" - "Within the zone of exceptional attention". Regarding that, it is best known soviet army underground structure in Lithuania, but still very few have actually visited it. The HQ of offensive aiborn division was built just after the Conference on Security and Co-operation was ended in Helsinki in 1975.
At the moment the bunker is privately owned, but there are plans to establish a museum of soviet paratroopers and make it accessible to public.

Visitors are welcomed by a fresco depicting attacking soviet paratroopers.

Underthe fresco there are two entrances with electrical servo doors, behind both doors - narrow staircases leading underneath.

Main corridor of the bunker.

Planning hall with a huge scale model of woods. The names of vilages on the scale model are from White Russia.

There is even a cinema (!),

behind that, and a metal staircase

there is a room for cinema projectors.

With a WC besides.

In the other side of the bunker there is a diesel generator hall,

with drain well.

Ventilation is still intact, even pine cones are getting through that.

In one room part of the floor is raised in a strange way.

Behind a arched hall which resembles A. Gaudi architecture,

there is a armoured backup exit door,

which leads to an evacuation well.

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