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Moletai AA military base

One of former soviet AA (anti aircraft) military bases in Lithuania. Missiles launchpads were protected by "amphiteatres" instead of bulwarks, which is not common. Still in use by business and therefore not vandalized.

Guarded entrance with gates still present.

Old fashioned command module on the outskirts.

In the center - radar hill and main garages.

Garages in more detail.

Backup exit from garages

leads to russian "military glory" corner

with an arbour.

On the access road side - supplementary garages with guard turret.

Behind garages there was a hide-out, now filled with soil.

Guard turret

Was connected to the same underground hide-out and garages.

Missiles launchpads were positioned within 6 "amphiteaters".

With firefighters equipment still present in some.

Besides there were personell hideouts, most of them in ruins now.

But one is still intact.

Behind a heavy door.

At the moment the base is used for snail farming.

Aeral view of the base.

2005 01 08 Grippen